4th and 1 Update: February 3, 2023

4th and 1 Update: February 3, 2023


Last week, we celebrated National School Choice Week – a time to champion the life-changing gift of education freedom and continue our work to expand high-quality opportunities that help every student reach their God-given potential. In Congress, I’m proud to lead legislation like the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act, Educational Choice for Children Act, RECOVER Act, the Parents Bill of Rights, and more to ensure every child – regardless of race, income, or zip code – receives a fair shot at the American Dream.


Educational Choice for Children Act

In America, a child’s race, income, or zip code should never determine the quality of their education. School choice works because it puts students over systems and empowers parents to choose the academic options that best fit their child’s unique needs. I am proud to help reintroduce the Educational Choice for Children Act to continue giving millions of students a fair shot at the American Dream.

Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act

As a father of 6 and a grandfather to 16, I strongly believe in the inalienable sanctity, value, and worth of every life – born and unborn. I proudly support the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act because it respects the sincerely held beliefs of pro-life Americans by halting any federal funding to organizations violating the unalienable right to life.

Putting Investors First Act

A misguided political agenda should not dictate the investment of American retirees’ hard-earned paychecks. The Putting Investors First Act will weed out the undue influence of proxy advisory firms, restore transparency at investment firms, and preserve the financial future of all Americans. I am proud to support this common sense legislation, and will work hard to ensure the economic success of families in my district and across the nation.

The Life at Conception Act

Every child – both born and unborn – is a precious gift from God and deserves a chance to live. The Life at Conception Act protects the lives of defenseless unborn babies and underscores one of our nation’s fundamental principles: the Right to Life. As a father of 6 and grandfather to 16, I am proud to support this legislation and will never stop fighting for the rights of our most vulnerable.

Taiwan Resolution

Last year, I was honored to join a congressional delegation for my first visit to Taiwan, one of America’s most trusted allies. While in Taiwan, I witnessed firsthand the people’s remarkable resilience in the face of an existential threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party. The Biden administration’s “One China Policy” undermines Taiwan’s democracy, independence, and sovereignty and incentivizes China’s anti-democratic foreign policy. I strongly support this House Resolution to restore diplomatic ties with Taiwan and America’s commitment to freedom, liberty, and democracy in every corner of the world.

VA Same-Day Scheduling Act

America’s Veterans and service members put their lives on the line to defend our nation, and they deserve the best possible medical care. Currently, delays and inefficient scheduling systems plague VA hospitals nationwide. The VA Same-Day Scheduling Act will streamline the appointment scheduling process, prioritize patients, and deliver top-of-the-line medical care to our veterans and service members.

Water Supply Permitting Coordination Act

Historic drought has crippled western states like Utah and served as a harsh reminder of the need to conserve our precious water resources. The Water Supply Permitting Coordination Act allows federal agencies to employ top-of-the-line technological and management resources to improve efficiency and increase water supply. I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to pass this critical legislation and continue addressing water shortages in our communities.

Mount Rushmore Protection Act

When we lose our history, we lose our vision for the future. In response to recent attempts to do just that, I co-sponsored the Mount Rushmore Protection Act to prohibit your taxpayer dollars from altering, renaming, or demolishing the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.